Workforce Management

Workforce is a very important and necessory for any organization for better employee engagement, enhance your understanding of overall performance, and improve awareness of company details through an intuitive workforce management software. Under Workforce we can make all easy for any HR work to manage multiple office, multiple employee, and related information in one place.

Customized Dashboard

HrSetu HR dashboard is very simple and with full information related to HR or Employee prospectively. The Graphical presentation will help employee for daily important needs, reports, and other important hr related works. in Dashboard HrSetu provide quick reports, daily tracking for attendance, leaves, upcoming holidays, event and celebration ad etc.

Daily quotes, events, important organization alerts and messages.

Upcoming holidays, employee birthdays, upcoming event etc

Task, works, project, salary, team and chat notification.

Quick information with count for your and your organization.

Graphical presentation of reports and best looking attandence graph.

Office Management

Enhance and boost up your speed by managing multiple location offices in one place. With HrSetu HRMS view all office in one spot, including setup of leaves, Holidays, Off days, employee and many more. Enable or disable employee for access portal within premises or out of premises.

Unlimited office creation with different city or country.

Office wise holiday, weekly off, fixed off, Employee half day hour setup

Manage office wise IP for punching & punchout. IP Management, IP ristrctions.

Office wise leave policies and rules.

Manage the department, department heads, positions seperatly.

Employee Self Services

Every organization need to provide better stuff for employee for growing like better support, open door policy, better communication, standardised processes, faster turnaround times, transparency, engagement and superior qualit. HrSetu HRMS ESS module will help you to grow employee and organizations both.

View your personal information, such as payslips, personal details, etc.

Access, download and print any official documents and letters published onto the ESS by the HR.

Search for and view any employee-related information via the employee directory.

View leave balances (across all leave types) and holiday details.

Help Desk, ticket genration, chat with employee, ducument upload and share.

Team Management

In organizations, apart from the formal categorization of employees, departments, designation and pay grade, Team management is more in line with being able to associate employees with different user-defined groups for enhanced dimensional and analytical reporting.

Work shift Management, set work timings, define breaks and overtime applicability.

Team leave and off information, Leave approval and rejections.

Team communication and can connect by chat from multiple location.

Focus on team collaboration, getting tasks done and manage an entire project.

In and Out employee, appraisal, and work distribution.

Policies and Documents

Human resource policies are continuing guidelines on the approach of which an organization intends to adopt in managing its employees. Each organization has a different set of circumstances and so develops an individual set of human resource policies. The location an organization operates in will also dictate the content of their policies.

Help understanding of the corporate culture and its shared values.

help managers at various levels of decision making to make decisions without consulting their superiors.

Employees know what action to expect in circumstances covered by the policies.

Policies set patterns of behavior and permit employees to work more confidently.

Easily shareable with all employee, modification, and publish option.

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