Leave management platform Integration

For any company, Attendance & Leave Management plays a vital role in the productivity and efficiency. HrSetu HRMS comes with Attendance & Leave module that helps to manage and maintain the track record of every employee. This module allows you to automate the process by modifying and selecting the policy as per the company's rule. A wide policy for multiple factor is given so that output and productivity is not compromised.

HrSetu web based leave management module allows to define various leave types ranging from Earned/privileged leave(PL), casual leave (CL), sick leave (SL), Compensatory off (comp offs), maternity leave (ML), paternity leave.

  • Flexible for customization as per your existing policies.
  • Flexible to integrate with any biometric, swipe machine.
  • Highly configurable Shift policy.
  • Configure no. of rosters as per companies policy.
  • Request track by token.
  • Policy based request workflow for approval process.
  • Ability to initiate delegation for all requests.
  • Reminders, Alerts and reassignment of request processes.
  • Cover all industries to minimize the further customization.

Define Leave policy as per your company policy.

Define Leave policy for set of people.

Define Prorata Leave accrual policy.

Define Leave consumption policy for advance and LOP.

Automatic email notification for every action.

Separate policies for weekly off, holidays and working days.

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