Asset Management

Asset Management module of HrSetu HRMS helps you to keep the track record of every IT and non-IT assets assigned to the employees. This module manages the records of every hardware, software and other configuration tools issues to any employee. You can also generate a request to allocate the asset for particular employee.

Manage and track assets with HrSetu

HrSetu HRMS helps to Maintain history and track inventory of all assets from procurement to retirement.

  • Build rules for allocating assets for different employee groups
  • Maintain history and track inventory of all assets from procurement to retirement
  • Ensure hassle-free allocation, exchange, returns, and assigning of assets
  • Assign damage liability to employees: auto syncs with payroll and full and final clearance
  • Search assets easily using asset specific custom defined attributes
  • Assign different asset responsibilities to relevant employees and track all centrally

Request & Approval based allocation of asset.

Manage the stock based on issuance and return of asset.

Recovery of asset at the time of relieving of employee.

Assign the unallocated asset as per assets need to employee

Get alert before the return date of assets

Set the return date the assets

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