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Through the efficiency advantages offered by HRSETU HRMS system, you can manage your resources by cutting down HR department’s workforce, and its overall cost. Moreover, by Implementing our all-inclusive HRMS system into your workflow, you can focus on vital tasks rather than wasting your time on mundane functions.


Facilitate analyzing and reporting on your workforce such as their department, position, and their personal details.


Enable employees to mark attendance in different ways, through punch-in punch-out, real-time attendance synchronization.


HRSETU is fit for all type of recruitment. Upload resumes, schedule interviews and facilitate interview proces.


Track the leave, shifts and vacations of employees. Show available leaves, and monitor the time spend at work.


Record company assets, manage inventory, allocate items to employees and manage office equipment warranties.


HRSETU HRMS module allows you to keep track of various expenses such as office expenditure, allowances, reimbursements and others.


Using HRSETU HRIS, you can facilitate project budgeting, planning, assigning of team, daily tasks, project payment and invoicing etc.


Manage client interaction, billing, invoicing, know the status of the project facilitate tasks and resolve client queries.


Address your complete payroll requirements with our platform. Calculate pay checks, generate salaries seamlessly and on the go.

Scalable As Per Your Requirement

We have given a solution which has all the standard rules & norms still if somewhere you feel something missing as per your company standards, we are open to make customizations as per your requirements.

Hassle Free

We help you SPREAD and SCALE-UP to achieve your organizational HCM goals. An effortless & easily understandable solution, very user-friendly layouts which let you handle everything just in few clicks. A person with no technical skills can use it easily. HRSETU is being designed for every level of user who can use with one time training only.

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Automated Time Tracking

24/7 Access

Top-notch Data Integrity

Employee Self-Service

User-defined Reports

Formula-based Earning & Deductions

Onboarding, company culture, and employee records,
securely stored in the cloud, and accessible through any device.

HRSETU is our technology platform that addresses your consummate requisites when it comes to productively managing people or driving people productivity in the field force functions like sales, accommodation, market research, product or accommodation installation, project sites and others.

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