What is purpose of HRMS Software?

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  • 2019-03-05
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Main purpose of HRMS software is simply and automate complete HR process which will simply the lives of HR personnel’s. Human resources software helps HR in managing payroll, employee performance, time and attendance and much more.

A Human Resource Management software or HRMS should be able to hire promising candidates, assign projects, and perform appraisals from a single app. It should have a complete employee database, and permission system for managers to raise new job vacancies, maintain reports on interviews, hire, do performance analysis and generate HR dashboards.

Advantages of HRMS Software:

  • Payroll management
  • Employee self-service Portal
  • HR management
  • Performance management
  • Cloud computing
  • Cost effective


Let me brief you about what problem you would possibly face-

  1. You would have to manually keep a track of all the employees who are taking leave on a particular day.
  2. You would have to personally listen to the employees grivances collaborate personally with the stake holders and get things sorted.
  3. You would have to sort out attendance maintainance problem for the employees which generally pops out.
  4. You would have to prepare a complete report of all the related information(e.g attendance report, leave report, reimbursement and expense report etc) needed to process monthly payroll.
  5. You would have to deal with maintaining and reviewing the performance report of the organisation.

This list would go on and on.


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