What does Human Resource Management System (HRMS) do?

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Human Resource Management System, as the name suggests, is a software that is designed to cater to all the functionalities of the Human Resource (HR) department of an organization. Given below are the key functions of an HRMS system.

1] Time and Attendance Management

One of the most important functions of an HRMS is the management of the attendance and working hours of the employees. With hundreds of employees in an organization, doing this manually can be a daunting, if not impossible, task. salaries, appraisals and compensation are directly dependent on the attendance record of the employee, which makes it all the more crucial, with no scope for errors.

2] Leave Management

Maintaining a record of the leaves of each employee with utmost accuracy is a feat that can hardly be achieved manually. This where an HRMS software can step in to make it easier and simplify the process of allocation, application, tracking and monitoring of leaves and also the process of application of leaves.

3] Recruitment

Human resource is one of the biggest assets to any organization and hence the focus is on hiring the best talent. An HRMS software makes this process easier by providing a centralized platform for all the tasks related to recruitment, such as posting job openings, creation and maintenance of a database, interview scheduling, and more.

4] Benefits Management

The management of the benefits provided by organizations to the employees can be a mammoth task for the HR department to accomplish manually. However, an HRMS automates the processes and hence simplifies even the most complex tasks. An HRMS software can make benefits management hassle-free and easy, no matter how many employees the organization has.

5] Performance Assessment

Where do the employees of an organization stand in the scheme of things? With an HRMS software in place, it becomes easier for the HR, the Admin and the reporting managers to analyze the performance of each employee and also generate personalized reports for the same. This also applies for skill development and to decide on the training required.

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