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Through the efficiency advantages offered by HRSetu HRMS system, you can manage your resources by cutting down HR department’s workforce, and its overall cost. Moreover, by Implementing our all-inclusive HRMS system into your workflow, you can focus on vital tasks rather than wasting your time on mundane functions.

Online cloud based HR Workforce


Facilitate analyzing and reporting on your workforce such as their department, position, and their personal details.

Online Attendance Software


Enable employees to mark attendance in different ways, through punch-in punch-out, real-time attendance synchronization.

Online Recruitment Software


HRSetu is fit for all type of recruitment. Upload resumes, schedule interviews and facilitate interview proces.

Online Leave Management Software


Track the leave, shifts and vacations of employees. Show available leaves, and monitor the time spend at work.

Online Assets Management Software


Record company assets, manage inventory, allocate items to employees and manage office equipment warranties.

Online Expenses Management Software


HRSetu HRMS module allows you to keep track of various expenses such as office expenditure, allowances, reimbursements and others.

Online Project Management Software


Using HRSetu HRIS, you can facilitate project budgeting, planning, assigning of team, daily tasks, project payment and invoicing etc.

Online Clients Management Software


Manage client interaction, billing, invoicing, know the status of the project facilitate tasks and resolve client queries.

Online Payroll Management Software


Address your complete payroll requirements with our platform. Calculate pay checks, generate salaries seamlessly and on the go.

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Our goal is to avail companies just like yours ameliorate company culture, explore incipient workplace wellness conceptions and increment employee engagement. If you’re probing for ways to make your office an environment where people are blissful and salubrious, you’ve landed in the right place.

Industry trusted improvements

Human resource management technology keeps on evolving continuously and undergoes sea change from time to time. Therefore, an HRM software should have rich functionalities to be of great help and support. We offer regular updates and software upgrades so that you so that you don’t have to bother about anything other than running your business.

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Online cloud based HR software

HR and Payroll puts state and federal HR and workforce laws at your fingertips


Automated features streamline time-consuming tasks, lowering administrative burdens and boosting productivity


Rules, policies, and regulations are applied consistently across the board


High-quality labor data provides penetrating insight into productivity


Integrate the solution with your existing systems so your operation won’t miss a beat

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